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Working for a better democracy on a day when it was attacked

America was dealt a strong blow to its sense of security and detachment from the more violent aspects of the rest of the world twenty one years ago today. After a brief period of mourning together, the environment has continued to become divisive since.

The American ideas of personal freedom and open and honest government, run by the people, are worth fighting for everyday. Especially on a day like today. Fighting for these ideals is not something that requires violence but rather stewarding an open marketplace of diverse ideas.

Now, as ever, we need to focus our energies on finding common ground and leave room, patience and grace for debate on our differences. It was a great pleasure today meeting and speaking with many of you to discuss ideas and to engage in the American experiment of self-governance that continues to show its strength.

A long day knocking on 145 doors, but a rewarding one thanks to you.

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