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Up and Down the Hills of Mystic

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Ali and I made it out to 73 more doors today in mystic, we talked reconciliation with one another and finding common ground. Ridgewood and Hilltop are two streets which live up and down and up again to their names. Excited to meet people tomorrow at the house, got some great help making signs today from our neighbors and friends. More updates on that to follow.

Update 9/22 - back in this neighborhood getting to 28 more of you in the pouring rain, didn't talk much except at the end when the clouds started to break. Thanks for answering your doors folks. We will work to keep Mystic and the 41st a place where we can continue to grow and thrive.

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We are now north of 3,000 doors knocked, 585 since the last update. Each of you continues to be gracious and welcoming and I thank you all.

It was a whirlwind out there, talking to another 214 of you since last the update. We are in sprint mode now and need places to put signs up more than anything at the moment.

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