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Town Meetings are Tough - Door Update

Today the weather was still not our friend but my wife came to help in the late afternoon, who you might have met. Together we knocked on 120 doors in an effort to get you to not take your vote for granted.

I left the road to attend tonight's Groton town council meeting. Discussed was an ongoing issue with habitability in Branford Manor and the associated tax abatements for the company running the complex. The fight is still in the "how big is the problem" stage where the developer clearly wants to limit the number of units and the tenants want clean and habitable apartments, full stop.

Creative ideas were not on display, although strong emotions were. It is clear the council cares deeply about ensuring residents have safe and healthy places to live. The town council however is not a property manager, nor should they be. Fear of a legal battle loomed over the discussion.

Tenants came out as the real heroines in this, many showed up to the meeting to show support for the cause. A tenants union was discussed and is something I would like to see established.

As a landlord I was appalled at the very thought that a property manager would have such little regard for their tenants and allow an asset to deteriorate to such a level as was described. People should not be afraid to assert their rights. If you are a tenant concerned with your housing situation there are resources available to you,

The council also talked about potential grants for an improved corridor in Poquonock Bridge, including complete streets (a program that incorporates sidewalks, bike lanes, etc. in new roads) and private/public partnerships for development.

The Ledge Light Health District also gave a great presentation about overdoses here in Connecticut and specifically in our community. They will be having a Narcan training and day of remembrance in honor of overdose awareness day on August 31st in the Groton Public Library parking lot, see their facebook for more info.

You continue to impress me with your willingness to engage and your kindness, except that one guy, you know who you are.

Looking forward to a great fall learning about our community and what I can do for you in Hartford.


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