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The Importance of Community

Another day in Poquonnock Bridge talking to 60 more of you.

I spoke with a family on Utica for a long time about what Groton needs. Community is the word that sums it up. That is probably true of a vast majority of the country, we need to shift the focus from what divides us to what binds us. Anyone willing to help we're hoping to get a Halloween festival set up around midway.

On of the best parts of this race has been meeting you all and better understanding our community. This is a great place to live, work and grow but we can do more together.


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We are now north of 3,000 doors knocked, 585 since the last update. Each of you continues to be gracious and welcoming and I thank you all.

It was a whirlwind out there, talking to another 214 of you since last the update. We are in sprint mode now and need places to put signs up more than anything at the moment.

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