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Slow and Steady

It was a beautiful day to be knocking on doors, Ali was out again to help and we hit 55 today. You are concerned about access to women's health, short terms rentals, the division of tax burden between commercial and residential property in Groton and what we can do about climate going forward;

As always we need to be talking together about the problems at hand to get to a solution that can be implemented. One solution I have is heading over to Outer Light for trivia. See you out there tomorrow.

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We are now north of 3,000 doors knocked, 585 since the last update. Each of you continues to be gracious and welcoming and I thank you all.

It was a whirlwind out there, talking to another 214 of you since last the update. We are in sprint mode now and need places to put signs up more than anything at the moment.

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