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Public Safety in Groton, and Public Notice of the Campaign

Attended the public safety meeting today in Groton, after knocking on 67 of your doors. Chief Fusaro was looking to utilize $25,000 in funds that originate in a preparedness program for towns that may be affected by Millstone. The funds are to be used to put in place 5, or 6 depending on the final price, street cameras that can be monitored from the station. Rep. Bailey asked a very on point question about whether they would work when the power was out.

The surprising answer was no, not likely. These cameras ostensibly are for a Millstone emergency, which likely means the power is out or intermittent.

I have no issue with utilizing funds that the town has access to in order to improve public safety. Here it seems as though the real purpose for the money is missed in the execution, great for the town, maybe not so great for Millstone customers who ultimately footed the bill.

A good meeting with good discussion and there was no real reason not to vote to accept the funds, so I'm glad it went that way. Glad to see citizens on a board like this one engaged in the governance of our town. Kudos to the members of the board.

The Day also reached out today to speak to me about the campaign and has put out an announcement that I feel was really well done. Local journalism is one of the last bastions guarding our democracy and I really appreciate the work they do.

We're out again tomorrow, looking forward to it.


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