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A great day out with some beautiful views and great conversations in GLP and Stonington borough. 60 more today and a few new subjects I hadn't really thought about including "right to die" a conversation I did not expect to have but am glad it was brought to my attention. I would not introduce a bill on the subject but would be open to reading and voting for a bill after consulting with physicians and advocates in the district. We also talked about the importance of farming and the need for children to understand where food is from and how it gets to them.

It was great seeing a double rainbow in person, not only a vastly beautiful sight but it also brought back fond memories of early youtube (shared below).

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We are now north of 3,000 doors knocked, 585 since the last update. Each of you continues to be gracious and welcoming and I thank you all.

It was a whirlwind out there, talking to another 214 of you since last the update. We are in sprint mode now and need places to put signs up more than anything at the moment.

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