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Coyotes and Road Running

Out there today knocking on another 40 doors we ran across the largest coyote I've ever seen. I've revamped the Meet Jake page to better outline my philosophy on government generally and it matches what a lot of you are talking about. We need independent, integral and invested voices in government at all levels.

Also sat in at Bible study at St. John's, I have nuanced views about my faith but the service was inviting, the people were extremely welcoming and everyone was really engaged. No politics were discussed, I'm not a monster. Great to see that they had been handing out school supplies all day for congregants and others.

Tomorrow is another day out there meeting you folks and finding out what is important to the 41st, see you at your front door.


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We are now north of 3,000 doors knocked, 585 since the last update. Each of you continues to be gracious and welcoming and I thank you all.

It was a whirlwind out there, talking to another 214 of you since last the update. We are in sprint mode now and need places to put signs up more than anything at the moment.

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