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Positional politics often discourages open discussion of possibilities. However, while out talking to you in the street and at your homes many of you are concerned about particular issues.

This list is not exhaustive and will be expanded throughout the campaign. Any questions concerns or clarifications can be submitted here:

Questions for the Candidate

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A Woman's Right to Choose

Access to medical services related to terminating a pregnancy cannot be restricted, it is a woman's right.


The decision to terminate a pregnancy cannot be an easy one to make and should be a decision of last resort. I would support policies that limit the need to make this very difficult decision, such as access to contraceptives, effective sex education and increased availability of prenatal care to expectant mothers. 

Gun Control/2nd Amendment/Article 1 Sec. 15 (Conn.)

I believe that the second amendment was intended as a check against state power and that the national right to bear arms is unrelated to hunting or self defense. Connecticut's constitution in section 15 of the first article explicitly allows for firearm ownership for self-protection.

This does not mean that all guns of all types should be allowed to be possessed by all people. There are serious concerns with harm done to gun owners typically to themselves or those in their households. Waiting periods, background checks and secure storage do not infringe on the right to bear arms. Policies that prevent unintended and criminal violence are justified and necessary for the public good.

2020 Election/January 6th

No evidence has been presented that justifies questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election. 

One of my issues with the parties is that they refuse to condemn actions of their members when those actions are against the interest of America. 

Labor/Collective Bargaining

The labor movement has been one of the greatest contributors to quality of life in the last century and a half. Workplace safety, standardized hours, living wages and the possibility of an enjoyable retirement are all attributable in part to workers collective action. 

I believe unions to be essential to a safe and productive workforce. I have also been witness to individual abuses and these are what most people point to when complaining about a union workforce. It has been my experience and it is my belief that there are individual actors who give the institution of collective action a bad name. 

I would promote policies that encourage and simplify unionization and that empowered the unions themselves to address individual bad actors.

Daylight Savings

Time to get rid of this ridiculous drain on resources. Make DST permanent and never change clocks again.

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