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Meet Jake

My name is James Francis Dunigan IV, so look for that on the ballot. But call me Jake.

I am motivated by understanding how things work, which is how I ended up in engineering and why I went to law school. I believe in the power of ideas and that understanding a problem is the first step in resolving it. I hope you will take some time to understand me as a candidate through the rest of this page and give me your support on November 8th.

Hear my interview with Lee Elci (9/6/22)


Fair Wages and Healthcare (10/11/22) 

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There is one thing more important than voting for me, and that is voting. To get to know the other candidates, see the links below:

Aundre Bumgardner, Groton Town Councilmen:

Robert Boris, Owner/Operator of a Family Business: 

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My Platform

I want Connecticut to have the very best that it can afford, but there are some things we can't afford not to do.


With me as your representative your vote will never be taken for granted, not by me and not by either party.

Change requires that we do something differently, join me in something new.


My Life in Connecticut

I moved to Groton in April of 2012. I may have come here for a job, but this is where my life is. I met my amazing wife here, at Richoni's of all places, in 2014 and had a COVID wedding in our backyard in 2020. Like many of us I chose the 41st and continue to do so. 


We live in a picturesque place with abundant natural beauty and charm. As your representative I will fight diligently to protect these resources for us and for generations to come.

My Work

As an Engineer I worked primarily in troubleshooting. Actively working with skilled tradesmen to repair structural and later mechanical systems on nuclear submarines.  The job required strict adherence to regulations and timely resolutions. I learned quickly to be diligent and creative. 

The Law

I went to law school in 2018, to better understand how our government and the justice system works. I received a generous scholarship to attend and graduated in the top third of my class while working full time.  


Fundamentally I believe the law should be able to be understood by the public at large and that it should serve their interests. The manner in which our laws are now produced no longer represents the shared interest of the people. 

Connecticut Supreme Court Justices, former presidents of the Connecticut Senate and scholarly experts instructed me in statutory interpretation, legislative drafting and Connecticut administrative practice. I was awarded a CALI Excellence Award for my studies of the Connecticut Legislature.  

I look forward to utilizing what I've learned for the people of the 41st as your representative.

My Education

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