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What's with the Post-Its?

You are looking at all waste this campaign will produce.

Fliers, text messages from numbers you don't know, newspapers inserts; all of that is a waste of resources. I'm running this campaign differently. If I missed you, you'll get a post-it which hopefully brought you here. This campaign seeks to reach each of the 24,266 of you in the district individually and find out your concerns. I hope to meet you all and convince you there is a better way. I look forward to meeting you and representing your interests in Hartford.

This campaign is about solutions to common problems. Good ideas are good ideas regardless of their source. The current environment that divides us along political and class lines has led to a halt in actual progress. If you want to see a Connecticut that responsibly solves today's problems without ignoring the future, get in touch.

What Can I Do?

The best thing you can do is tell a few people you trust about the campaign, invite them to really think about who will best represent their interests in Hartford and maybe hint the answer just might be Jake Dunigan.

If you'd like to do more or have ideas please send me a message, or give me a call 860-572-6199 

Where can I Donate?

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