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Connecticut can break down class barriers and restore the promise of America

Connecticut  is uniquely positioned to eliminate political gerrymandering, and temper the contentious rhetoric that dominates our political discourse.

The Idea: Allow Employers to Provide Husky at Cost

Over one quarter of Connecticut's population is on HuskyCare and the per capita cost of that enrollment was $8,890 according to the Connecticut Department of social services. As a percentage of our overall budget this is better than the national average and overall the service provided is ranked well. 

Many of those are working part time and would prefer regular hours and full time employment. Employers have no incentive to hire full time employees when the taxpayer is footing the bill for benefits.

Allow employers to provide full time employees healthcare through Husky at a discount for employees that would have been on Husky otherwise. For employers that have more employees than full time equivalents pay the ratio of Husky's cost back into the system, because otherwise they are counting on us the tax payer to subsidize the health of their employees.

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