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Graduation Caps

New Pathways to Higher Education

A Connecticut based service force, modeled on Americorps, will improve access to and quality of higher education. 

The Idea: Create a Service Organization that Provides In-State Tuition for Participants

College is not for everyone. This may be because of prohibitively high costs, immaturity at the start or uncertainty about the reason for going in the first place. Let's fix all three by instituting a voluntary program for college applicants;

  • Work in state or municipal organizations for two years out of high school

  • Get a stipend and work experience while doing so 

  • Have a better understanding of the field you want to work in when entering college

  • Receive tuition at any in-state institution for completing your service

State Univ.PNG

At the end of a service program if college is not the appropriate fit preferential hiring for candidates who complete the program could be made available. Hospitals, schools, youth programs and law enforcement could all see a benefit in having additional help at low cost while providing a pathway to college for many who could not otherwise afford it. 

Connecticut's youth should not have to risk bodily injury or death in military service just for an opportunity to better themselves.

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